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Football Manager 2013 Release Announced, Beta Access For Pre-orders

One of the most eagerly awaited football management simulation games ‘Football Manager 2013’ is all set for a worldwide release on 2nd November. The official announcement of the release was made by sports interactive and SEGA, the game development company.

Beta Version with Pre-Orders: Although there is still some time to go for the official release date, there is good news for the impatient few. Sports Interactive has announced in its press release that people pre-ordering a physical or digital copy of ‘Football Manager 2013’ will receive a single player beta version code two weeks prior to the official release. Although the beta version would be functional only till 5th of November, saved games in the beta version would be compatible with the full version. The beta version is not some demo version and offers full functionality enabling users to play the game in its full mode with features such as football manager classic experience as well as the challenge mode. The beta version would however not allow the users to play the game in a network mode and users would have to pay for the full version to enjoy playing the game across local networks.

Football Manager 2013 Highlights: With Football Manager 2013 all set to offer its beta version for those who pre-order weeks before the actual release date, lets us look at some of the highlights of FM2013 which are likely to be incorporated in the simulator’s latest version. FM2013 not only includes all major European leagues but its database also holds more than 500,000 players’ data. The interaction between the manager and the press has been redesigned and the use of 3D graphic engine is set to roll out much improved graphics from player animations to football stadiums. Along with training and pre match practice modes, managing talent scouts and youth networks have been included.

Football Manager 2013 will be available both the PC as well as the Mac from November 2 with all its improved functionally and various game modes. Football Manger 2013 can also be pre-ordered on the game’s official website.

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