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Examination Time – Tension or Preparation

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It is said that “Human brain is the most outstanding object in the world. It functions 24 hours a day, say 365 days a year. It functions right from the time we are born and stop only when we enter the examination hall”. Is this is what happens to you during exams? Check out why? Because tension is reportedly high these days with the exams of almost all streams from engineering, pharmacy, MBA, etc.

Most students suffer from Tension Headaches and exam fever is very common in teens. Sometimes I wonder what the problem is. But this is what I had when I was in school and college.

I was normally not a praying girl, but when I have an exam and got to pass. I say if you’re really there God, please help me help me to kick out this year. This is what every person says a month, week or a day before exams. Is this is where you stand these days thinking of an enchanted miracle or say “Superman” to help you in writing of exams.

With coming exams many students skip a beat and become anxious from primary school goers to teens, same is with adults. What else one can call it, the sleepless nights, and stress and exam phobia

Not many know that human mind is more powerful than any other living being. It does not sit ideal for even a minute. The human mental ability is enormous, it is just that we need to cultivate it to think and deliver.

I read somewhere in our local newspaper that a normal human being uses only 2% of his mental ability. Just think if we can increase it to the fullest, what would be the altitude we would actually accomplish to reach.

Why tension if preparation helps.

• Prepare a timetable and move accordingly.

• Eat properly. No skipping of meals is allowed.

• Sleep for at least 8 hours. It is very important before the exam to rise fresh.

• Take breaks during study. No long hour schedules.

• Morning preparation always pays off. Wake up early for fewer days.

• First go for important questions asked in previous years. But don’t neglect others, they are important too.

• Relax and breathe before holding pen to write in exam hall.

• Start the preparation with prayer and end with the same.

It’s never too late. If you didn’t prepare for exams whole semester, start a month before. Still have no time just a week before. Or else just one day prior exam go for the model test papers and get prepared for questions asked in recent years, you may at least get passing marks.

Nothing can prevent you from tension but only right preparation helps. Keep in mind always that “there is no secret to success”. Every one is unique and different. If you’re not good enough in academics you may fame in something other. Never worry and hurry. Only work best and live rest that is success.

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