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Emmy Award 2012: The good, the bad, the ugly

Emmy award is considered as a television production award and it is equivalent to the Academy awards for film,the tony award for theatre and the grammy award for music.This award is presented in various sectors of the American television industry. It is held annually throughout the year.This award is presented in various specific area ceremonies that usually receive the most media coverage named Primetime Emmys and the Daytime Emmys.In spite of it,other notable emmy award ceremonnies include national sports programming,national news and documentary shows.

the good : Would u believe that the majority of the winners were generally of the deserving variety.at least in terms of winners, were the trifecta of statuettes for Showtime’s fantastic freshman entrant HOMELAND (Which walked away with Outstanding Drama and Lead Actor and Actress for Damian Lewis and Claire Danes respectively), anything related to Woody Allen’s heir apparent Louis C.K. (Multiple winner for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special and Comedy Series) not to mention Lena Dunham’s lack thereof

the bad:The Producers of the Emmys really need to decide who this show is for: Is the purpose of it to entertain an audience numbering the hundreds inside a very hot auditorium, or the millions watching at home? We only ask, because if Jimmy Kimmel’s disappointing cold open featuring a bevy of female funny-women and a very naked Lena Dunham didn’t turn off viewers who don’t live in New York or Los Angeles, numerous jokes at Mitt Romney and the Republican party’s expense sure did.

The Ugly:Last night Twitter, that kind of self congratulatory career achievement should be saved for the People’s Choice Awards), the biggest failure of last night’s show was one of our own. Each and every year we watch this show in the hopes that somebody, anybody will have learned something from the many many mistakes of show’s past by delivering an entertaining experience

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