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Elite US troops barred from a key province in Afghanistan

On receiving complaints that some Afghans who have been working for American Special Operation forces have killed villagers in an area adjoining Kabul, the Afghan government has barred the elite American forces from operating the region.

The proposed ban will be effective in the coming two weeks in Maidan Wardak, a province that is seen as a key area, when it comes in defending the capital region from Taliban operatives. The ban if implemented in letter and spirit will limit the reach of American Special Operation force from this strategically and militarily important region.

The region lying in the southwest of Kabul has always been in the news for the sole reason that Taliban has been using the area as a base to lauch terror attacks on Kabul.


The ban is being seen as a hardline approach that Afghan government has been pursuing in order to discourage the US troops from taking extreme steps in challenging situations. This proposed ban also reflects the intention of Afghan government that is off late pursuing a hardline approach, when it comes to deal with international troops who indulge in uncalled for activities in some challenging situations.

However, the coalition officials are quite hopeful of a solution, considering the fragile conditions existing in the country. The officials are communicating with the Afghan government to find some solution to the current problem and come up with a solution that is acceptable to one and all.

The action has been taken by the Afghan authorities as a last step. The Afghan authorities have been trying for weeks to find a solution to the problem and come up with a strategy that helps minimize the human loss in the region. This after that the locals claimed of persistent torture, abduction and reported killing of civilians in the region by the American Special Operation forces. Afghan offfials claimed that they did not get a positive response from the coalition forces and the step has been taken as a last option to deal with this problem.

Without specific information from the coalition forces, the Afghan authorities are also in a fix, as they cannot provide the details of exact loss, neither is much information available about the units involved in the incident.


Initial reports suggested that American forces were directly involved in the attack but later the Presidential palace clarified that Afghan forces working alsongside the foreign troops were involved in the barbaric incident. However, the foreign troops were too blamed for the inaction and the fact that they encouraged the Afghans involved in the incident.

This information holds significance in the fact that little is known about the positions of American Special Operation forces in the region. This is for the first time that such classified information has been brought in the public preview.

The potential ban if implemented will be a big blow to the war against terror and will make the task tough for the forces who have to operate in extremely challenging situations. However, things are set to improve as dialogue process has been initiated among Afghan government and foreign troops to bring situation under control.

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