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‘Elaborate’ drug tunnel found along Mexico border

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Authorities have found a massive underground drug smuggling tunnel snaking through the U.S.-Mexican border, and law officers are marveling over its sophistication.

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U.S. Border Patrol agents uncovered an 83-mile long tunnel beneath the U.S.-Mexico border that was allegedly used by drug smugglers. Measuring 48 feet in the United States and 35 feet in Mexico, the tunnel contains side walls framed with 2-by-4 wooden studs and ceiling construction.

The incomplete tunnel, which was discovered last week, thoroughly impressed agents since the chamber was not just a mere hole in the ground.

“This is one of the most elaborate tunnels I’ve seen. It’s elegant in the sense it has electrical work wired into the Mexico side. It even has a hose for ventilation and lightning.”
– Michael Scioli, U.S. Border Patrol

Border patrol authorities were said to of been tipped off by a resident of Nogales, Arizona who noticed hearing construction activity on the other side of a wall, inside a building. Agents arrested two people, who have not been publically identified, cutting a hole.

Since last October, police have found fifteen other tunnels in the Nogales area alone.

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