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East Jerusalem and the Zionist Jew Complex

There are few people more selfish than Zionist Jews. These are individuals who suffer from grandeur of delusions that the Jewish people are “God’s Chosen People” with an exclusive divine right to land that Jews, Muslims and Christians consider holy. They believe that Jews are an innately superior people and everyone pales in comparison. Zionism is the political materialization of this myopic worldview.

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Israel is working to erase Islam and Christianity from Jerusalem.

Zionism shows no respect for any people whom are not Jews. During the recent large-scale Israeli offense against the Palestinians of Gaza, state-sanctioned rabbis told Israeli occupation soldiers to show no mercy toward civilians for the people were intruders on the land of the Jews. Israeli occupation troops heeded the advice by massacring over 900 civilians, of whom over 400 were children.

Zionists Jews think they are the only people entitled to the land as rulers. Sure, they will let some Arabs – Muslims and Christians – to live there but never as equals they must always be subservient to Jews. This is a doctrine of racist ethnic nationalism indistinguishable, ironically, from the European early 20th century nationalism from which Jews were always excluded from. Zionists Jews operate along tribal lines. They care only about Jews, and they will commit whatever crimes to secure Jewish supremacy in the holy land.

To Zionists, all other people in the holy land, no matter their roots, are just intruders on the land of the Jews. In a recent speech by the Israeli prime minister, this racism was meet with universal applause as the premier called the Jews a “people” with Biblical claim to the land while the Palestinians were merely a transplanted “population” out of nowhere with no rights, no claims, no heritage to the land that the Jews people have awoken to find on their land. In truth, the Palestinians are the native people and it is European Jews like Netanyahu whom transplanted themselves in an effort to build a colonial-settlers akin to Apartheid South Africa.

This ethnic supremacy and disdain for all other people can be seen in the continued colonization of East Jerusalem. It is well-established within current parameters toward a final peace agreement that Israel will not only keep all of the much larger West Jerusalem [this isn’t even debatable], but Israel will always maintain sovereignty over Jewish neighbors and Jewish religious sites [the Western Wall] in East Jerusalem as well. You would think that Zionist Jews would then be content that they are getting the largest share of an inter-faith city and would willingly agree to Muslim-Christian administration of the remaining of East Jerusalem. But that is to underestimate their tribal selfishness and greed, which seems to have no bottom.

Israel shows no regard toward Christians and Muslims in that it is working overtime to reduce their population in East Jerusalem by engaging in ethnic cleansing by destroying entire villages and demolishing homes. Israel is then building new internationally-illegal Jewish-only colonies on the ruins of Arab communities to increase the Jewish population in the city to thus, Israel believes, undermine any claims the Palestinians make for their sovereignty in the city.

Even though the Obama administration has called on Israel to end all illegal colonial projects in East Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and his equally racist, Jewish supremacist Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren have stated that Israel has a “right” to build in East Jerusalem and in a recent paper Oren called for the further Zionistfication of Jerusalem by building even more illegal settlements and uniting all of Jerusalem under exclusive Israeli sovereignty.

Under what rubric does an occupying power claim a “right” to ethnic cleanse the occupied people and then build on their land? No occupying power had ever claimed this as a “right.” Netanyahu and Oren speak like this because they suffer from the “Chosen People” complex that holds that Jews are superior and have “rights” to do what they please in land “rightly” given to them by God, and to hell with all other people.

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