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Darfur Crimes against Humanity and International Criminal Court

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As it is well known internationally, Darfur is suffering a wide range of unbelievable human rights violations and atrocities by which a comprehensive system of deprivation, humiliation and torture is imposed on the indigenous population of Darfur of non-Arab origin.

This comprehensive system of crimes against humanity in Darfur targets every single human right and living means of the indigenous population of Darfur including the right to life through the continuing massacres there. This system is created and managed by Omar Hassan al-Bashir and carried out by his regime in addition to some criminal militants from some tribes in the region like ‘Janjaweed’ working and killing under the direct command of al-Bashir. According to a report in last July, there were some 250,000 people have died and two million fled their homes since 2003.

Apart from the international failure in stopping the continuing crimes against humanity in Darfur, there was a least action by the UN Security Council in this regard referring the crimes against humanity committed in Darfur to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In this regard, the judicial authorities of the ICC, which have shown seriousness and clear and steady commitment to justice so far, besides an indifference to politics and political distortion as it clearly shown by the ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo, who deserves a tribute for his resolute work and stand and his profound commitment to justice.

Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo issued a statement last July in which he expressed his intention to indict Omar Hassan al-Bashir himself, whom is the president of Sudan, for crimes against humanity and war crimes committed in Darfur by Sudanese military and Janjaweed militias, and to ask the ICC to summon al-Bashir with an international warrant.

This indictment came after finishing the investigations by the ICC prosecution along with many testimonies and documentations on this subject, and also after al-Bashir’s refusal to arrest two government officials for alleged crimes against humanity and war crimes.

This courageous indictment by the prosecution of the ICC made a lot of international noise by an international environment not familiar with such actions of indicting presidents while they are at office. This action also caused a lot of panic for many regimes and dictators like al-Bashir in the Middle East authoritarian and totalitarian countries, especially some Arab dictators, whom, by the way, are friends of al-Bashir. In this regard, there was an immediate Arab movement by Arab regimes based on a proposal to ask the UN Security Council to use its right to suspend charges against al-Bashir for a year.

For international parties seeking compromises, they should clearly realize that justice does not accept nor enable trade-offs; and for some panicked Arab criminal dictators, they should take fear all the way as their best friend because eventually there is no way they could survive with their crimes, as I hope.

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