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CPM criticizes UPA Govt’s ‘attitude’ on 150th year anniversary of 1857 mutiny

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CPM is again not happy with the UPA government‘s attitude. This time, the left party has criticized the UPA government’s attitude to celebrate 150 years of the First War of Independence.

Earlier, the CPM has laid down the details for its 8-month program to celebrate the 1857 anniversary. CPM is ready to organize many programs at different levels to celebrate the 150th year of 1857 revolt.

CPM leader Sitaram Yechury said that

the governmental attitude to the celebration of the First War of Independence has disappointed us. There’s not even a ‘historian worth his name’ in the Government panel announced for the celebration.

He said further that the government should use the fund for the program in a more useful manner rather than giving stress on advertisements only.

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According to him, the Government should organize programs in educational institutions to educate the young generation about the importance and relevance of the event. The government needs to convey the younger generation what the legacy of 1857 has been for India.

Further, Yechuri also said that the year 2007 is not only the 150th year of First War of Independence, but also marks the 250th year of the Battle of Plassey and the 60th year of Indian Independence.

The First War of Independence of 1857 was the biggest people’s movement against imperialism and colonialism till then where the real unity of different castes and classes were shown.


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