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Cannes Lions Winners 2012

Winners of Cannes Lions Award 2012

The Cannes Lions Award 2012 was declared this weekend. Cannes Lions Award advertising winners in Film Craft section was announced. Let’s have a look at the different category of award as well advertisers who won them.

Grand Prix award title was won by Canal+ (Bear) (France).

Gold Lion awards were won by Canal+ (Bear) (France), The Guardian (Three Little Pigs) (UK), Bennette & Coleman (I am Mumbai) (India), Procter & Gamble (Best Job) (USA), Arla Foods (Rainbow) (UK), Carter (L’ODYSSÉE) (France), and Chiptole (Back to the start) (USA)

Silver Lion awards were won by Procter & Gamble (Best Job) (USA), The Guardian (Three Little Pigs) (UK), Converse (History made and in the making) (USA), LVMH (Manny) (USA), Canal+ (Bear) (France), Chiptole (Back to the start) (USA), Lion (Nocturnal Migration) (Australia), and talk talk (Homes within homes) (UK).

Bronze Lion awards were won by Lion (Nocturnal Migration) (Australia), Nissan (Gas powered everything) (USA), The Doha Film Institute / TED (Tedxsummit intro) (France), talk talk (Homes within homes) (UK), Pepsico (Dips desperado) (UK), ISPCC (I can’t wait) (Ireland), Melbourne international film (Potato peelers) (Australia), Volkswagen (Memories) (Australia), DirecTV (Platoon) (USA), Harvey Nichols (Walk of shame) (UK), Toyota (Kentucky) (USA), Nike (Addiction) (Brazil), Levi Strauss & co (Legacy) (USA), Canadian film festival (Bank teller) (Canada), CAANZ (the most creative country in the world) (New Zealand), ESPN (the Name) (USA), MTV Brasil (Play ramirez) (Brazil), Chevrolet (OK Go) (USA), Nike (i would run to you) (USA), Follow Magazine (Is the new) (Brazil), Nike (Jumprope) (USA), Volkswagen (The bark side) (USA), Google (Introducing Google play) (USA), New Zealand transport agency (flying objects) (Australia), Nokia (gulp) (UK), 91 Rock (Deaths) (Brazil), Volkswagen (Hedgehog) (France), & TIiense Suikers (T-man) (Belgium).

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