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Bubble skirt is no more a fashion trend but a ‘disaster’ of all times

A popular garment use to be worn in 1950’s at cocktail parties and proms is now officially declared a faux pass of all times fashion. Yes, you guessed right! We are talking about our very own bubbly and cutie dress ‘Bubble skirt’ or ‘Puffball skirt. Remember the pop stars Shirlie and Pepsi who use to rock their shows wearing this ‘bubble skirt’? Then why the garment is now witnessing a rage from ‘fashion police’? Is it the changing fashion trends or simply the dire consequences of fashion designers changing mindset?

The poll conducted in Birmingham by ‘The Mailbox Mall’ involving around 2,000 adults revealed the fact that bubble skirt is the worst dress a woman can wear. However it has also been stated that fashion and people personal choice always differs and it is undoubtedly a debatable topic that can never have a definite and justifiable answer.

Whatever is the poll result, it’s indeed a surprising truth that the garment that had wooed many fashion trend setters in 1950-1980is now a fashion disaster. Super cute and stylish skirt with broad elastic on the waist and bubble hem was said to be a girlie garment that even made the woman look like a cute ‘doll’. How this garment has been voted in a poll as the fashion faux pas?

The eye-opener in the poll result is the high percentage of people who voted against the ‘garment’. 45 percent of people think that ‘bubble skirt’ looks awful both in reality and in photographs. Although the garment has been a commoner in most of the catwalks and high fashion parties, 75 percent of people voted it as the worst looking short dress.

Other wardrobe items that followed the ‘bubble skirt’ in fashion disaster poll are the shoes with socks, track pants and jelly shoes, cowboy boots, ponchos, leg warmers, crocs and rah-rah skirts. Even shimmering fashionable skirts have not been left by the people who think fashion is their cup of tea. So what else could you wear for a party? Does it mean that you have to now wholly change your wardrobe to set yourself safe from the eyes of the ‘fashion police’? It’s time now to give a complete makeover to your image and your wardrobe. It’s shopping time ladies! So, go grab the most fashionable garment, but beware not to buy a fashion faux pas.

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