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Bangalore, not so safe

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I fell in love with Bangalore in the first week after I landed in Bangalore. Cool climate, greenery around, innumerable joints, coffe shops, shopping malls and what not. For a foodie like me it was heaven. I have explored almost all the restaurants in Koramangala. But after 10 in the night, roads appeared to be quite eerie, which was not the case in Ahmedabad.

Two weeks back, when I was walking down alone a lane near Koramangala Club, around 8 am in the morning, a bike rider closed down from behind and extended his hands and started groping me, I shrieked out and he passed by.

The bike had a faded number plate and had a silencer perhaps because there was no noise when he rode close to the footpath I was walking on.

Previously, during one of my morning walks, I was advised by a fellow walker about the rogue bike-riders on specially on those long stretches of road like the one intermediate ring road extending between Domlur Dell and Koramangala Signal/Egipura.

My room mate had a similar experience few months back. That was around 10.30 in the night and when she was with a friend, a bike rider came and groped her.

Before coming down to Bangalore, I was advised by my friends from Bangalore that there have been several incidents regarding rogues roaming around the city on bikes.

1) Remain alert when you are alone in an empty lane.
2) Don’t be on cell phone when you are alone and walking on roads less populated.
3) Avoid going for walks in places that are less populated.
4) Don’t panic, shout for help.

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  • Shan

    Don’t know how old this blog is but it stays true even today. Bangalore is not safe for females whether in group or single after nightfall. Experienced when a drunk rouge misbehaved with my wife and moreover there were people supporting him when I objected!

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