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Are the educational institutions really upholding up their responsibilities? Or is it a me?

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Over the past few days, horror stories each more dreadful than the previous one is shocking the national media. The continuous news on ragging, punishments, molestation, adultery, suicides, physical assaults etc are the most bizarre incidents that are happening in the educational premises. The institution that is supposed to be the second home of a child. But today the truth is that the parents themselves are afraid of sending their kids to the schools because of the fear luring in them deep within…!

Reports on the harsh punishments leading to death of a school child and unavailability of required quick medical treatments etc. are of much concern. Students are in their tender age teachers have to deal the problems with much care and not in utmost rage. The recent news of a student who died because of the delay made out by the school authorities also should be an eye opener for the school administrative part to put up health cells. So that they can render due check-ups for the students and be always ready for the mishaps in the premises. This should be put into quick action because students are far from home while they are in schools and it is the very responsibility of the school authorities to care for every child.

There are growing incidents of atrocities on students like, the news on a ten-year-old school student was sexually assaulted by his teacher. Another such case where a class 6 student was asked to stay back by the head master who then sodomised the student when all the students had left the school. Such immoral and ghastly acts terrify the parents to send their dear children to schools. Who is to be blamed for all these happenings?

Also the commercialization trends of modern times have had a tremendous impact on the field of education as well. Looking at our past, there was the traditional style of imparting education where there were self-governing scholars engaged in the disinterested pursuit of knowledge without any individual motives and interests. But now the scenario has changed drastically. Money matters and this particular evil is dragging this pure institution into a commercial practice transforming it into a market commodity.

There is an unhealthy practice regarding administration of some educational institutions. And it happens to be a fact that the teachers do not have required qualification which adds to the drawbacks. They are rather supported by the political bureaucrats in getting their jobs fixed thereby posing a serious question to their credibility for sincere and truthful educational standards.
Teaching should not be considered as a vocational or temporary profession. Because at times it is noticed that the teachers just choose the profession for utilizing the time temporarily till they find other jobs.

Teachers are said to be the sole medium through which education flows thus guiding the children and making them capable for the challenges of human life. But now it is often noticed that the teachers just join an institute for a certain period of time for utilizing their time on the other hand searching for other jobs side ways. The commitment is not found by the so called teachers. Moreover they point out differences adding to discrimination on attending to a particular child, also failing to hear their problems and queries. As said by James Baldwin, “A child cannot be taught by anyone who despises him.

One of the drawbacks of the educational administrative system is that there is seen a very low level of pay scale in some institutions. This is creating troubles for the teachers concerned in ignorance to the amount of work pressures resulting to frustrations within oneself and punishing the students. Also this cannot be denied that students too have become very restless in terms of attentiveness and respect towards teachers.

Viewing the overall management of the institution it can be understood that the educational standard is gradually deteriorating. There is a need for healthy plans to set up a clean form of teaching methodology free from the economic crunches.

There has to be grievance cells to help in equitable coordination among the teachers and the students. Seminars should be held on psychological talks to help in understand the students’ mind. And also there should be a better mechanism to recruit teachers with periodic appraisals on their teaching methods to stop any negligence happening in future and thus striving for establishing befit and better education. And also the administrative authorities too cannot be left aside. The overall strong functioning will lead to a strong institution finally…!!

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