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An Iranian Cover Up for America’s First Lady at the Oscars 2013

Michelle Obama surprised all the viewers when she was aired virtually at the Oscars this year for announcing the winner of the Oscar for the Best Picture – Argo.  She looked resplendent in her sleek silver gown which was a creation by Naaem Khan, who is apparently an Indo-American fashion designer.  She announced the winner at the stroke of midnight, which added a magical ‘Cinderella-like’ element to the entire event.

Not only did she garner a lot of gossip for this move, but she also had to face the wrath of the Conservatives who had complaints against the First Lady’s rather commercial appearance at the Oscar ceremony.  That was harsh, but what added another twist to the appearance was Michelle Obama’s photoshopped picture of her silver Oscars dress in the Iranian press order to give it a more conservative look.  Michelle’s well-fitted sleeveless gown with a lower, yet suitable hemline was altered in a way that her shoulders and chest were covered to make the ensemble rather modest and in accordance with the Islamic culture.  Normally women who are being aired on TV are supposed to don a hijab and cover their legs and arms, however, the rules are relaxed for foreigners.  Only men in Islamic countries are given the freedom to wear what they lease and only sportsmen are given the permission to be photographed in bare legs.


A lot of people were in for a rude shock, when Michelle Obama’s gown was revamped and modified as it contravened the Islamic principles.  A lot of foreign dignitaries have gone through their photographs being altered and photoshopped.  Even foreign movies are screened frame by frame for deleting explicit scenes and covering up the actors in accordance with the Islamic laws.

The Iranian newspaper Fars not only altered the First Lady’s dress, but also objected to the decision of Argo winning the Oscar for the Best Picture as it was ‘anti-Iranian” in nature which is highly objectionable.

This has sparked a lot of hot debates on social networking sites as a majority of the Iranians have expressed their displeasure at Argo’s win, which has presented Iranians in a negative light.  Many Iranians are contemplating to make their own film about the hostage crisis which would be their answer to Argo by putting all the facts in the right perspective.

It seems like Michelle Obama’s warm gesture to her supporters in Hollywood has taken a lot of people by storm which includes the American Conservatives as well as the Iranian conservatives.  It has also given a new dimension to the Iranian defensive against Argo as an anti-Iran movie which is ‘ahistorical’ and has no significance.  All in all, it seems like the Oscars has formed the basis of another battle between the US and Iran – and this time it is ‘Argo’!


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