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Acceleration in the use of slang’s & abusive language in schools

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Education Changing scenario: Acceleration in the use of slang’s & abusive language in schools

“Gurukuls” of Traditional India have now been converted to “Cool Schools” of Modern India influenced by the culture of the west or the change in the thinking to be so called modernized. Teachers who were the placed equivalent to God are scared of their own students. Students who were most protected with their gurus are now falling prey of their very own teachers.

The students who use to take knowledge from the gurus, now with the changing mode of life the teachers have to take the “chill pill” from their students. The essence of the gurukuls changed from “guru ka kul” towards the school then cool schools and now something unbelievable is the concept of “Masti ki padshala” spreading amongst our young generation.

Neither tied hands with English fully and nor we could prove ourselves loyal towards hindi…..Is it less pain to us? The pain is still alive and our so called Gen X has given birth to the new language…..HINGLISH.

No one knows the origin of the language…it’s like the unwanted child of Hindi and English which is happily adopted by young Indians. Rarest of the rare youngster speaks a complete sentence either in English or Hindi in day to day life, it has to be mixture of both the language.

This is nothing in comparison of use of slang’s, abusive language in educational institutions. See some of the examples-Sup dog! I G2G! cul8r! ttyl

A sentence by a high school student, just try and decode-mi skool somtims thincz itz weird if som1 taks like this n skool. advice if u come 2 mi skool dont


With the research found out, some reports mention that students are not even aware that they use chat room slang and text message shorts cuts. Text messaging and chat rooms slang are ruining students effectiveness in academic writing. This is due to the fact that since students are so use to using short cuts when sending someone a message or talking in a chat room it starts becoming harder and harder for them to properly write a research paper, essay, job application with out all their errors in spelling and even punctuation problems.

Now this may not be the case for all and their was an argument that teachers are using blog for students to do their writing or become better, which is all good and dandy but when it comes to using acronyms an actual academic writing student won’t realize it till after the teacher lets them know what was wrong with the paper.

Should students use slang’s at school or for academic writings? Should they be stopped right at the school gate? Another challenge for our Education system……Many more to come I believe!

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