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A Salute to Women of the World

She is a daughter..she is a sister…she is a wife…she is a mother…she is a WOMANpencil sketch of woman cR1vr 37945

She has been stuck up in the kitchen for ages, cooking for her family, sacrificing what rightfully is her’s, before she has come out of the closet stood out of the crowd with an aired bosom, to lead the life that belongs to her.

A few decades ago, a woman’s contribution to society was limited and controlled by man.
A woman’s role has changed tremendously and is making its greatest impact in our society today. A woman’s role has changed at an accelerating rate and have part in various fields like Politics, Medicine,Business, Law and the likes and times have paved way to a revolution.
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A woman is a compassion and she leads the world today, drives in generations and inflow of these generations shapes up mankind. The society is being nurtured in the tenderness of a woman’s instinct and the wavelengths of her instincts can be made out as long as one can make out an estimate of the depth of a sea or the height of the sky.

Women will always be important to society because they bring a sense of love, lust and emotion to society. It is 8th March, International Woman’s Day and an occasion for the world to thank womankind for all that they are and all that they have contributed to the society.

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    Really Nice work. Can you please share a high resolution copy of the image above, I need to practice sketch. Thanks.

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