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5 most anticipated babies of 2013

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2013 is going to be the year when we would see some of the biggest celebrities in the world expand their clan. Here are the 5 most anticipated babies that will enter the world and public eye this year.

1. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby

Due in: July-August

Sex: Unknown

Anticipated because:

The baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton will be next in line to the British throne i.e., he or she will be the king/queen of England after William. The baby will get a massive fortune, a significant political role when he/she ascends to the throne and will have a massive public following all his/her life!


2. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby

Due in: Late June-early July

Sex: Unknown

Anticipated because:

She is the unofficial princess of American reality TV/pop culture and he is the international king of rap. Their offspring would be the heir to an enormous legacy, both monetarily as well as culturally.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

3. Shakira and Gerard Pique’s baby

Due in: February or March

Sex: Boy

Anticipated because:

For the Spanish/Spanish speaking/football-following/pop-loving community, Shakira and Pique are the closest thing to Posh and Becks. Their child could potentially be a great footballer or an international singing sensation, or both!


4. Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Hager

Due in: Spring

Sex: Unknown

Anticipated because:

Given the Bush family’s strong influence on the American political scene, a male child could very possibly be the president of the country one day. The country might manage to elect a woman to the highest office in the next 40-45 years (the time it would take for a kid to be a successful candidate for the office) which means that a girl child for the Bush-Hagers could also be the President of the U.S.A. in the future.


5. Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s baby

Due in: May or June

Sex: Boy

Anticipated because:

Given Wayne Rooney’s near legendary status in the soccer-crazy nation, his son would be expected to follow in his famous father’s footsteps.


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  • VenkatChari

    Successor to British throne is the one which we can be of 100% sure. So he is the most anticipated of the year 2013. Others are also of-course eagerly awaited. But we are not sure of their future fortunes and careers.

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