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35 Terrorist Camps Uncovered in the US

USA, the world’s most powerful, riches and scientifically advanced has now become the latest venue of Islamic terrorists to establish their training camps. Recently a newsreport on Fox News (video appended below) exposed that about 35 terrorist training camps were very much operational on the US soil in various locations ranging from New York to Washington to Texas. Established by a group known as Muslims of America (MoA) or Jamaat ul-Fuqra (in Pakistan), these camps are actively training local Muslim youth and indoctrinating them to become terrorists.

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The investigation carried out by Christian Action Network (CAN) revealed that these camps were established on vast expanses of land ranging from 25-300 acres and owned by MoA. The operation came to light thanks to a 30 month (two and a half year) investigation by the CAN.

According to FoxNews anchor, Muslims of America is the same group which is responsible for over 50 terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. A small part of the video was shown along with the newsreport and a speaker says:

We are establishing training camps. You can reach us. At you know, Quranic open university offices in New York, or in Canada, or in Michigan, or in South Carolina or in Pakistan. Wherever you are, you can reach us

The video clearly shows Gilani teaching American followers tactics in guerilla warfare, mountaineering, stealth attacking, murder, car hijack, kidnapping, firing, and setting off explosives.

CAN representative further said that their crew visited seven of these terrorist compounds and took the “Soldiers of Allah” videotape and asked their opinion on the tape. Whether they accept or reject Sheikh Gilani’s call to be an Islamic guerilla warfare training camp. Quite unsurprisingly not a single one of them rejected the tape, according to Martin Mawyer, president of CAN. This is what he said on the television interview:

Well, actually, none of them would condemn them. These people believe Sheikh Gilani is the direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed, that he speaks for the Prophet Mohammed. They file — follow him with utmost loyalty. They believe basically, he’s speaking for the word of Allah. They will not condemn him. They will not criticize him. That’s what we learned. As a matter of fact, in one camp in Georgia one of the leaders watched the “Soldiers of Allah” video tape and said what’s wrong with Sheikh Gilani setting up paramilitary training camps inside the United States?

According to a press release of the CAN, crewmembers who visited the MoA campus were beaten up with canes and one of the MoA members attempted to snatch their camera. Even as the crew got into their vehicle (Nissan Armada) to leave, one MoA member came up beside the car and clubbed it with a cane. Looks like even America is no longer safe from the clutches of Islamic terrorism.

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