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Uganda Still leads in Alcohol Consumption

Though alcohol consumption in Uganda is declining, experts note that Uganda is still the world leader at a consumption rate of 19 litres per year compared to an average of 4 litres in other African countries. The World Health Organization ranked Uganda a

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A lost hope for Kohinoor

The British Prime Minister David Cameron's unequivocal stand that the priceless Kohinoor will not be returned to its original owner India has put paid to the hopes of more than 100 crore people of this country. 'If you say yes to one you suddenly...

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15 bodies thrown out on Mexican Highway

15 bodies were found piled up in the middle of the Matamoros -Ciudad Victoria highway in the town of St. Germain near San Fernando, Tamaulipas. Among those executed were two women who like the rest of the bodies showed signs of torture, with...

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Organisations using prison labour revealed

Information obtained under the Official Information Act (OIA) by the anonymous blogger behind 'No Right Turn' has revealed the organisations in New Zealand that are using prison labour under the Corrections Inmate Employment scheme (CIE). Some of the...

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A very open letter to Mr Sunil Mittal

Sir, I have always looked upon Airtel as a benchmark of great Indian entrepreneurship. These days it’s slipping and how. Maybe Sir, you’ve added African beads to your necklace and burnt holes in trouser pockets to pay for 3 G licenses, but your..

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Hezbollah Terrorists in Mexico?

It has now become a new talking-point that the Lebanese party-cum-militia Hezbollah, designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, is operating in Latin America. Hezbollah has had a bloody past in Latin America where it played a.

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