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Some Tips to Wear a Romper!

Rompers are definitely making a fashion comeback. But you’ve got to have the right body and the right styling to pull off this outfit. Before you step outside of your home wearing one, make sure you follow these fashion tips on how to wear a...

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Are Indians Lazy?

LAZY THINKING I can safely predict that in any discussion about India’s many problems two statements will be made by someone which will receive unanimous assent. The group will then terminate the discussion and life will go an as usual. This...

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Cartoon And the Israel Lobby

While a many American editors and journalists still write with caution on Israel so as not to offend Zionist sensibilities, some American cartoons are making their criticism of Israel quite clear: But that does not mean that they get away with it...

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I Love You Dad

Like every other daughter, I too love my dad so much and I guess a dad and daughter share a different relation as compare to others. The warmth and care of this relation is more deeper. Today is father's Day and I took this chance to express my love...

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