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Gandhi and Bibi Amtus Salam

Have you ever heard a name like that? Perhaps not. It would be even difficult then to believe that how close she was to Mahatma Gandhi, perhaps closest to him from any other person in Punjab. But does she belong to Punjab? Difficult to believe! Bibi...

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Misuse of public property

Whenever any agitation arises,huge damage to public property is being done by the people.Burning of trains, stone pelting on government authorities has become a common phenomenon and the government chooses to remain a silent spectator.Destruction of..

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Another tragedy for Indians

These days accidents have become part and parcel of our daily life.The year 2010 seems to be unlucky for India and for Congress government since the number of accidents in this year have crossed hundreds. The train Jnaneshwari Express got derailed...

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The Useless Lebanese Army

There many not be another nation more steeped in grotesque and delusional grandeur than Lebanon. This is a country which is home to a nationalist trend which truly believes that Lebanon is a great country. That there is such a thing as Lebanese...

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