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10 Unusual food delicacies of India

With all the variety of people that India has it can truly boast of being an estuary of different cultures and their delicacies. The country is famous for the various regional cuisines that it offers. But not too many people know about the “unusual” dishes that are found here which are prepared from unconventional ingredients or in an unorthodox manner. This article is now about to unfold to the reader, the ten most unusual delicacies that are found in this country.

Yak butter tea: Butter instead of milk!

The Yak butter tea is an original of Tibet which was introduced here by Tibetean refugees and other tourists. This tea is made from yak butter and pinch of salt. Yak milk by itself has a distinct sweet flavor which is enhanced more with the introduction of tea essence into it. This famous tea is predominant in the regions of Siliguri, Darjeeling and Assam.

Dog Meat

The Dog meat which is consumed in the regions of Nagaland and Mizoram, is apparently costlier than Chicken meat! The meat is cooked in a superbly spicy way and the locals love the preparations. Starting from curry to fries, the dog’s meat is enjoyed in a variety of ways. They even have pickles made out of Dog meat. Activists are trying to outlaw this delicacy.


Lamb’s Brain

“Bheja Fry” or brain fry is a favorite of the people of Hyderabad and Lucknow. The famous dish is accredited to the Muslims who first started consuming brains of lambs. The brains of lamb are juicy and fleshy and are also used in salad dishes most famously all over the country. Even in a few Five-Star hotels, this dish finds a place in the menu card.

Phan Pyut: The tasty rotten potatoes

The normally consumed potatoes are consumed right after they are ripe. Ever wondered how would rotten potatoes taste like? Well, they are delicious! Phan Pyut are potatoes which are left to rot after harvestion for a prolonged period of time. After rotting it sufficiently, these potatoes are consumed either in their natural form or after treating it with certain spices or cooking.

Jadoh: The unconventional way of cooking rice

Meghalaya definitely has some of the most absurd delicacies of the country. The jadoh rice is a preparation which is made by cooking the rice with the intestines and blood and other organs of domesticated animals like chicken, pigs and even goats. To a normal reader this might create a vomiting sensation but if you take my advice, you should try this dish atleast once in your life! The dish is perfect for the local weather and tourists enjoy having it.

Shark Ambotik or Baby Shark

These baby sharks are found in the waters of Goa. The meat is prepared with different sauces and is listed in every menu of Goa’s restaurants. The meat is costly as the fishermen have to spend a lot of their labour to get them but give you total value for your money nevertheless. It is known as Ambot-Tik and Xacuti in Goa while it is simply known as Baby shark meat in the other parts of the country where it is available.

Chaprah: Red Ant Dip

The red ant chutney or dip is made from the sap and organs of the red ants. The ants are made to dry and then are treated with sweeteners and other ingredients and spices. This dish is famous in the state of Chattisgarh. The locals make this chutney on a monthly to daily basis and the dish forms an important part of their meals.

Khorisa: Fermented bamboo shoot

The khorisa or fermented bamboo shoot has originated from the Chinese. It is used as a major ingredient in the majority of foods in the state of Assam. The pickling effect gives a sour taste to it and the flavor when blended with other ingredients give any dish a distinct and great taste.

Black Rice: Thye magical color changing rice

This rice preparation from Manipur is rich in aroma and the essence which it comes with. It is generated from the Heirloom plants and is also famous by the names of the forbidden rice and purple rice in the region. This sticky variant of rice has a distinct feature of changing colors. While it is harvested it is of the color black but eventually turns purple when cooked! To many this rice is a wonder which is found in India and China only. Often it is also called ‘The Magic Rice’. It is best enjoyed with coconut milk and finds a place under the head of Rice in every menu card in Manipur, Hills of North Bengal and also the state of Kerala.

Eri Polu: Dish from pupa of silkworm

The Assemeese dish Eri Polu is prepared from the Pupa of silkworms. The rich in texture dish is prepared by processing the Pupa of Eri silkworms which are found locally in Assam after it has spun its cocoon. It is one of the major dishes of Assam and enjoyed best with Khorisa which is also famous in the region. The preparation has a distinct dense and colorful exterior look and melts in the mouth right away.

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